From History of Crawford County, Iowa
F.W. Meyers, published 1911


At an old settlers picnic and interesting paper was read concerning the
early Irish settlers of Crawford county. This element has done much for the
upbuilding of the county and enrolls many of those who have been most
prominent in the county's history. Unfortunately it is impossible to give
the complete text of this address but below is given a list of the Irish
settlers from 1854 to 1870 and also a list of the first Irishmen in the
different townships of the county.

Early Irish Settlers:-1854-1870.
Charles KENNEDY, 1854; Samuel KENNEDY, first surveyor; 1855, Thomas
O'CONNOR, 1857; Dr. David McWILLIAMS, 1856-58; A.D. and Michael MOLONY,
1858-60. Morris McHENRY, 1856; W.A McHENRY, '66; Michael McANDREWS, Owen
CAIN and mother and sister, Mrs. John LUCY, J.C. and Martin BARRETT, James
and Samuel SMITH, Thomas LUNEY, James ROLLINS, 1865; Martin CONROY, Michael
HALEY, John NOONAN, Michael CAULFIELD, Owen and Henry DeVITT, 1865-69;
Michael McMAHON, Mike HOULIHAN, Tom and James COLLINS, 1869-70.

Early Irish Settlers by Townships.
Jackson, Owen CAIN, mother and sister, Mrs. John LUCY, 1865.
West Side, Michael McANDREWS and family, September 1865.
Hayes, Jas. E WALSH and family, 1871.
Iowa, Michael McMAHON, 1869.
Nishnabotna, Patrick McGRATH, 1872
East Boyer, Dr. David McWILLIAMS, 1856-1858.
Milford, Morris McHENRY, 1856 and Michael CAULFIELD and Owen and Henry
DeVITT, 1869.
Stockholm, Anthony GONNIGLE and Ed. MONAGHAN, 1876.
Denison, Thomas CONNOR, 1857, A.D. and Michael MOLONY, 1858-60.
Washington, Isaac GILMORE, 1869, John O'LEARY and E. MOORE, 1871.
Union, Charles KENNEDY, 1854; Michael HALEY, 1867-8; J.V. McHENRY, 1867.
Paradise, J.C. SAUL, Wm. PURCELL, John KEATING, 1870-72.
Hanover, Michael PURCELL, 1872; John MEEHAN, 1866-68.
Soldier, J.C. BARRETT and Martin BARRETT, 1866-68.
Charter Oak, John A O'DOHERTY, 1875.
Willow, Con FLYNN, 1874.
Boyer, John NOONAN, 1867-8.

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