Emmetsburg Democrat
Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, IA
Wed., June 21, 1916

Yesterday P.H. DONLON received word that the prize offered by the L.A. of
the A.O.H. of Iowa for the best examination of Irish history was won by Miss
Veretta, daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph MARTINI, of this place. She will have
the privilege of attending, during the coming year, any Catholic academy or
college in Iowa in which Irish history is taught. We congratulate her on her
success and also the sisters of St Mary's Academy, who had her as a pupil
during the past few years. Miss Kathryn McEVOY took this prize two or three
years ago. The prize offered by the A.O.H. was won by an Iowa City boy. We
have not learned his name.

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