Registry of Deeds, Dublin Abstracts of Wills, Volume I, 1708 to 1745. 1956.
Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1996.


68  BLOOD, THOMAS, senr., Bohersalta, Co. Clare, gent.
     14 April 1713. Pr,cis, 3/4 p., 22 June 1713.
Son Thomas Blood of Cahirnemohir, Co. Clare, gent. Son Neptune Blood of
Bohersalta, Co. Clare, gent.

Bohersalta, Cahurgrenane, Cahunemohir [? Cahirmohir], and Dorode, all in
parish of Rathon, B. Inshign [Rath, B. Inchiquin], Co. Clare.

Witnesses: Edmond O'Hogan, John Hogan and Thomas Wise.

Memorial witnessed by: Edm. O'Hogane, Thos. Wise.

210 PURDON, SIMON, Tenneranna, Co. Clare, Esq.
     28 Sept. 1720. Narrate, 2 1/2 pp., 28 Jan. 1720/21.
Wife Helena Purdon. Eldest son George Purdon, settlement 1717 on marriage of
said George with Jane Eyre, daughter of Edward Eyre, Esq. Second son Simon,
third son Edward, fourth son William and fifth son John Purdon. Daughter
Margaret Finch. Grandsons Simon Finch, William Finch and Edward Finch.
Daughter Barbara. Daughter Helena Marie. Daughter Elizabeth.

Tenneranna. Woods of Bielkelly, Carhueny and Cahirballymulrony.

Witnesses: Redmond Barry, Ballyclogh, Co. Cork, Esq., John Roan, Backfield,
Co. Clare, gent., Richard Roan, Backfield, Joseph Vosar, Tenneranna, Co.
Clare, yeoman.

Memorial witnessed by: Joseph Vosar, John Phillips.
229 MCDONNELL, JAMES, Kilkee, Co. Clare.
     9 May 1714. Narrate, 1 p., 22 Nov. 1721.
Wife Elizabeth. Eldest son Randall, exor. Second son Charles McDonnell,
exor. James McDonnell, youngest son. Daughter Mary McDonnell als. Forster.
Nicholas Westby, Esq., exor. Wm. Morgan, Nathaniel Dea, Robert Cahan and
John Morony, tenants.

Kilkee, Killmurry, Ballyonane, Corbally, Killdeema, Lisgireen, Lismuse,
Forrowermore, Lissheen, Killeroan all in Bs. Moyarts, Clonderalaw and
Ibrican, Co. Clare.

Affick, Clonnecullin, Gurrane, Moyasta, Derrybrick and Crossbegg, all in B.
of Moyarta and Islands, Co. Clare.

Witnesses: Robert Weeks, Co. Cork, gent., John Dane, Cork, gent., Felix
Gallagher, Ennistimon, Co. Clare, gent.

Memorial witnessed by: Felix Gallagher, Will. Devall.

257 BENTLY, JOHN, Hurtstown, Co. Clare, Esq.
    21 July 1722. Narrate, 1 p., 8 Nov. 1722.
His father Capt. Thomas Bently deceased. His deceased wife Deborah Bently
als. Evans. His wife Elizabeth Bently als. Lady Elizabeth Deane. His son
Henry Bently. His son Simon Bently. His son Thomas Bently. His daughter
Margery Bently. His grandson John Massy. His brother William Bently. Henry
Ivers, Esq., and his son-in-law Mr. Wm. Massy, exors.

Ballyneglea, B. Tulla, Co. Clare. Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. Farms of Coilagh
and Ballyneglea, and Killseilly [situation not mentioned].

Witnesses: John Raymond, Limerick, gent. James Brien, Gortneclough, Co.
Clare, farmer, Wm. Turner, Callurgh, said county, farmer, and John Hicky,
Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Doctor of Physic.

Memorial witnessed by: Wm. Turner, John Phillips, Cappananagh, Co. Limerick,

414 VANDELEUR, JAMES, Cragg, Co. Clare, clerk.
     9 Sept. 1729. Narrate, 3/4 p., 27 Jan. 1729/30.
Eldest son Henry Vandeleur. Third son Francis Vandeleur. Rev. Mr Andrew
Barclay of Newmarket and John Hickey of Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare, gent.,

Ballyvokan, Dromunduff, Gortnagaul, Blane, Shanagowl and Coultinegown
[Coolteengowan], B. Clonderala, Co. Clare. Corkanagnochane, B. Bunratty, Co.

Witnesses: John Stephens, Ballysheen, Co. Clare, clerk, James Maghlin,
Dromunekelly, Co. Clare, gent., Francis Mulguiny, Snaty, said County,

Memorial witnessed by: John Stephens, John Bentley, Sixmilebridge, Co.
Clare, apothecary.

481 FOORD, WILLIAM, Pass, Co. Clare, Esq.
     10 Oct. 1730. Pr,cis, 1/4 p., 3 Aug. 1733.
All his real and personal estate to his wife Mary Foord, sole extx.

Witnesses: John Bull, Limerick, clothier, William Adams, Pass, in the county
of the city of Limerick, innkeeper, John Ingram, Limerick, gent.

Memorial witnessed by: John End, Cork, merchant, Dennis Hassey, Pass, Co.
Clare, yeoman.

513  CROFTS, JAMES, Carcalla, Co. Clare, now of Dublin.
      30 Aug. 1735. Full, 2 pp., 22 Sept. 1735.
My wife Elizabeth Crofts als. King. My daughter Mary Ford als. Crofts, her
present husband Edwd. Ford. My cousin Jno. Ayree.

Legacy to "my extx. Mrs Fredisweda Vale als. Davis" for her own use and not
for benefit of any husband she now has or hereafter may have. My friend
Edmond Hogan, gent., trustee. My friend Oliver Arthur.

Town and lands of Carcallamore, Carcallabegg [Cahircallowbegg, B. Islands,
Co. Clare], and Killtie, Shannano, Ballynaheda, Drimatchy, Cappanafenoge,
Derrybegg and 44 acres of lands of Clonrone [situation not mentioned ? Co.
Clare]. Moiety of rents for maintaining a charity school in Ennis, Co.
Clare, ("a Protestant schoolmaster and as many Protestant children as my
trustees . . . shall find the rents sufficient to support"), Bishop of
Killaloe, Rector of Drumcliff parish for the time being, Fras. Burton of
Burcregy, Esq., and said Edmond Hogan and their heirs for ever, trustees.

Witnesses: Rev. David Burches, minister of parish of St. Mark, Dublin,
Richd. Steele, Dublin, gent., John Allin, clerk to said Richard Steele.

Memorial witnessed by: David Burches, Richd. Steele.

696  BRIGDALL, WILLIAM, Inch, Co. Clare, gent.
     26 Sept. 1743. Narrate, 1 p., 14 April 1744.
His eldest son Wm. Brigdall. His second son Hugh Brigdall. His
brother-in-law Richd. Gregg, guardian of testator's said sons till they
respectively attain 21 years. Rt. Hon. Francis Burton, John Stackpole and
Edmond Hogan, exors. His real estate.

Witnesses: Rev. Sumner Wilkins, Ennis, Co. Clare, clerk, John Buxton, Ennis,
gent., Jos. Hehir, Ballyally, Co. Clare, gent.

Memorial witnessed by: Rev. Sumner Wilkins, John Power, Dublin, gent

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